21 August 2007, 00:25 by mark hoekstra

summer update

Well… it’s already been a week since I last updated… hmmmz… Somehow my trip to the CCC drained quite some energy from me. I already came back last monday evening (a week ago now) and headed back to work on tuesday.

Anyway, let’s pick up the pace again, shall we?

I’ve been busy with my old SGI Indigo2 lately and in between other things and finally she now runs like a dream. Thanks to SGI’s Supportfolio I downloaded IRIX 6.5.22 and that’s also the last version of IRIX which can run on this old machine. Now I did have my troubles to get it all going (including Galileo Video) but much of that had to do with me not making up my mind *^_^*

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It still is a brilliant machine though. It’s old, but it puts a smile on my face whenever I’m working on it and that’s a whole lot more than much of the nowadays tech can do (not all, but lots of it). Anyway, I’m now getting to grips with SGI’s Movie Maker. Expect some craziness later on ^_^

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And then, at this very moment there’s a summerfestival going on in my hometown, Noorderzon. My favourite rockstar and friend, Krause performed there, in some sort of experimental setup, in cooperation with Format GAVA. She performed in this rooftop like building, I’m not sure what they are called in English. These are quite common in Dutch city parks, where small orchestras could perform. Anyway, for this festival this building now has big videoscreens as its walls and she performed in the middle of that. From the outside, as the spectator, you couldn’t exactly see her, but you could see a videostream of her music on one screen (the spectator somehow always can see two screens simultaneously) and another, synced to the music videostream of old video material. As a spectator you were handed a pair of wireless headphones and in total it became a breathtaking show. I did take pictures myself but Mattnh posted much better pictures on his blog and his homepage.mac-page.

click to go to mattnh’s homepage.mac.com
(you need to scroll through the pics to find the ones of Krause btw…

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Oh, by the way, if you like what Krause/Susanne is doing, you can vote for her at De Grote Prijs van Nederland (which would translate to something like ‘The Big Prize of The Netherlands’). This is one of the major prizes/competitions for talented and upcoming musicians in this country so help her get her spot in the finals! (even if you wouldn’t have a clue what this is all about ^_^).

What you need to do is this:

Click on this link, scroll down until you see Krause. Fill in you mail address and hit ‘stem’ (which means ‘vote’). After a while you’ll get a confirmation in Dutch, hit the link in there and then you voted! (quite similar to some of the comment-systems out there)

Oh… I tried this again and there’s another step in this (they really know how to get someone to vote ey?). After you clicked the link in the mail, you’re being transferred to a page where you need to *confirm* your vote …

don’t forget this last step!!!

As a big thank you, you’re allowed (but only if you voted!!!) to download one of her MP3s here *^_^* :
Krause – I lost my tampon (MP3, 7.1MB, 3 minutes 5 seconds 320kbps)

And then, at some point on one of the nights on the CCC, there was this little table, in between the MiGs, in the rain with people from the United Transnational Republic sitting there. Their printer already didn’t work anymore and also their MacBook couldn’t hold the rain any longer but somehow I was intrigued by their ‘action’ and initiative. To be honest, I still need to read my way into everything, but still. They offered to make me an ID for 10 euros and somehow I couldn’t resist. But, because of all their equipment going south, I only filled in the paperwork and paid for my ID, but today, I got it in the mail!

looks official to me… ^_^
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Oh, and as a last one (geez, what a rant), I made this pic on the CCC...

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...and as it seems now, more people made the same pic of the same cloud on the same time! So now we have a Flickr group called The fuckin’ same cloud (thank you, fotobonk) ^_^

earlier on this page

SGI Indigo2 related:
...and some gear which came home with me!
cleaning out some old machinery

Krause related:
a(nother) rockstar in my hometown! ^_^
...and again it’s sunday *^_^*
Krause lost her… well… *ahem* *^_^*

CCC related:
on my way to the CCC!
...and I arrived!
CCC – day one
CCC – day two
CCC – day three, four and five ^_^

CCC flickr set

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  1. Lew @ 21 August 2007, 10:06 :

    The ‘rooftop like building’ you describe has, confusingly, many names in English. A few are: Pavillion, bandstand, gazebo.

    Dead jealous of the SGI!

  2. jakse @ 21 August 2007, 22:37 :

    this is the best blog i have ever read!

  3. nonya @ 24 August 2007, 22:52 :

    i really need to find a harddrive for my elan.

    what is the processor speed on the indigo2?

  4. markie @ 24 August 2007, 23:11 :

    mine’s a 250Mhz R4400. About the SCSI-disk, I also had a problem of a faulty drive in this one. In the end I took a SUN tapedrive enclosure and put a 36GB U320 disk in there and hooked that up on the backside of this Indigo2 and that runs pretty well actually. Imho old computers can be cool, old hard-drives (almost) never are ;-)

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