8 August 2007, 01:54 by mark hoekstra

...and I arrived!

After a day of travelling, I arrived around six on the campgrounds of this years CCC.

Oh my, what a surroundings these are!

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The campground is on the terrain of a museum of old airplanes. So people walk around here in between MiG airplanes and such. The terrain itself is next to an airfield, make that an airfield *which is still in active use*

There are not a lot of airplanes landing, but get this, the sleeping tent of the BSD Village, where I’m staying, is next to this airstrip! (and yes, already a couple of planes have landed there since I was here)

on the left, my bed. On the right, the sign you can just see? It says ‘flugplatz’...
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Well, it’s gonna be a great couple of days, I’m pretty sure about that.

sleeping tents in between fighter jets, all possible on CCC 2007
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....but for now, I’m totally exhausted and need some sleep. It was godsend that this year in the OpenBSD tent there’s actually real food from a real cook, everyday! What happened to the tostis?

to the left, the real food which was there when I arrived. As a comparison, a pic of the food I lived on during the whole of WhatTheHack
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Well, officially the camp starts tomorrow morning, so I’ll guess this series of blogposts will be continued later! ^_^

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  1. Mattnh @ 8 August 2007, 12:23 :

    So funny.
    A militairy base filled with hackers.

  2. Julian @ 9 August 2007, 00:11 :

    Nice one!

    Reminds me.. God Damn it I wanted to go there, too.

    Well anyway have fun markie and put some more stuff on this very page.

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