12 August 2007, 03:18 by mark hoekstra

CCC - day three, four and five ^_^

the message I got from a fortune cookie
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Yeah yeah, I know, I’m now going on a FFWD through the camp now, but well, I mentioned it before but this is supposed to be my holiday also. So I somehow decided to tune back a little on blogging about it right now. I have been frantically uploading my pics to flickr though so that probably gives a more detailed view on what it’s about out here(...) *^_^*

Anyway, I’m still having a splendid time out here and I’ve still got one day to go although I’m already wrapping up overhere right now.

I’ve had a hands on with the OpenMoko phone, which is a very nice ‘device’. It’s hardly a phone at this moment, you need to make calls from the commandline which has its own charme of course, but still…

Anyway, I think one of the developers is right when he said that normally a manufacturer puts linux on a phone because it’s free, not because they’re so open source minded. So where you normally would get a ‘linux-phone’ with an old kernel and such, this is a properly linux-driven device… now if they only get the phone-bit right… ^_^

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And… I’ve also had a hands-on with the OLPC-machine also known as the $100 laptop. Some of the well known cypher punks are here and they brought these machines on which they do all sorts of development. Well, what can I say? I think it’s a very nice machine and well, it’s been too short to say anything useful about it. It’s just very nice and I would like one, yes please. Same goes for the OpenMoko btw. ^_^

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And then… my holiday has lots of OpenBSD camp culture in it, so that means lots of Humppa music and … even a bikini contest!

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btw, I only do coffee/cola/water and ‘normal’ cigarettes but that’s a little hard to believe right? even though it is the truth, really!

btw(2), I guess I won’t be blogging anymore from here but I will continue to add my pics to flickr ...

humppa! ^_^

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  1. Stephen @ 12 August 2007, 06:05 :

    I’ve wanted one of those openmoko phones since I saw an article about it on slash dot.

    I can’t wait until it is released and fully functional.

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