28 September 2006, 01:19 by mark hoekstra

a(nother) rockstar in my hometown! ^_^

Last night there was the third Pecha Kucha Night in Groningen. I’ll probably write something about that overhere in a few days. (even though this already was Volume III in Groningen, performing in a slot for me personally was a first!)

As a Groningen-special in our Pecha Kucha Nights, we always have an upcoming artist perform in a slot and to be honest, this one blew me totally away!

Berlin might have Miss Kittin’ but Groningen now has Krause *^_^*

Krause performing in 20×20 seconds slot

A small excerpt from her record company:

Krause knows how to get the attention; with pumping beats, dirty sounds, a tiny black dress and an absurd performance.

Krause performing in 20×20 seconds slot

I couldn’t have said it better. The best thing is, because she’s signed up with this awesome record company, Platex Records who doesn’t sell you the record but simply gives it to you (download MP3, print out the cover et voila, a CD-single) you’re able to get a taste of this for free, that’s how we like it ^_^

click to go to the specific page on platexrecords.com

So all of you, download this song, print out the cover and enjoy! *^_^*

two additional pictures of Krause, from her MySpace
picture courtesy Mark Meijering

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  1. Chris @ 4 November 2006, 13:16 :

    Aww, lookit that cute MicroKORG! I have one too, and love it.

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