9 August 2007, 02:24 by mark hoekstra

CCC - day one

the entrance ticket
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russian warplanes and tents… this is CCC07 alright
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Today the Chaos Communication Camp officially kicked off. The atmosphere is simply great. These are hard to describe events, but they’re (imho) out of this world. Even when taking place in between some Russian airplanes, it seems to fit the atmosphere great. The opening took place in a packed bunker/hangar and in more such hangars do all the other lectures take place also, of which I followed a few today.

a packed bunker at 11am and a packed bunker at 11pm (can you notice the difference?)
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I’m not sure how long my camera will hold though, I packed the wrong battery with me. The night before I thought “oh yeah, let’s also pack an old battery, as a backup” and I charged it in the camera, but… when packing my bag, I totally forgot to pack the right battery too, so now I’m here with some old and b0rked Sony-battery which, at best, will only hold a few minutes of juice. Anyway, especially with that taken into account, it’s very nice to see that Wired decided to use the pic I posted yesterday (the one with the rocket). ^_^

the organizers, during the opening. Their pic made my powerbook crash, them mighty hackers! ^_~
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Well, I think I’m gonna enjoy myself a little more… you know, this is also supposed to be my holiday.


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on my way to the CCC!
...and I arrived!

CCC flickr set

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  1. Askarel @ 9 August 2007, 15:58 :

    Hi markie !!

    Nice to see that you are here at the CCC !!

    If you have some time, you can come to the “Village gaulois (In Gaule we thrust)” near the entrace and the foo shelter, i have a beer for you…

    Did you bring a slurpr ?? I want to have a look at that beast… :-)

    Cheers !!

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