24 August 2007, 12:46 by mark hoekstra

article in Make: magazine

A while ago the ever great people at Make: magazine asked me if I could write a piece on my bicycle iPod charger. But of course I could! *^_^*

The result of that and much more bike-related geekiness can be found in Make’s new issue, number 11. On newsstands (in the US) on August 28.

photo credit: Phillip Torrone, click to go to the corresponding pic on flickr

my charger and a preview of the article
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From August 28 on, I guess it’ll take a while before you can find this issue in the better bookshops *around the globe* ^_^ For instance, in my hometown there’s one bookshop I know of who sells Make magazine and normally they carry a whopping one copy! (but still!) ^_^

Make: magazine

on this site:
How to make a bike charger for your iPod!

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  1. benzo @ 25 August 2007, 00:23 :

    you’ve really got to start selling these bike ipod chargers! i need one badly

  2. scott @ 25 August 2007, 03:12 :

    I got this issue and saw the article (and immediately recognized it) on monday and was wondering when you would do a writeup on your blog!

  3. markie @ 25 August 2007, 18:09 :

    oh, I wasn’t aware of the fact that they did send copies out already! I still need to get mine (but I’m located overseas, so I guess I’ll have mine in a couple of days).

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