6 July 2007, 19:55 by mark hoekstra

Krause lost her... well... *ahem* *^_^*

My favourite rockstar and also a friend, Susanne aka Krause, gave a breathtaking show last week in the local club for the international pop underground, Vera, overhere in Groningen.

if you want to know what’s inside that little package, read on ^_^
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This show has been her official presentation to graduate from the Academy for Pop Culture and yesterday she got the news she made it! So even though she already was a true artist by all means (imho *^_^*), she now officially is one too I guess *^_^*

some pics I made with my phone:

click to go to the corresponding pic on flickr
my complete set can be found here

more (and better!) pics over on the Vera-website, here

Anyway, people familiar with this site already know her of course. Susanne is the girl I made these Mac Visualizers for (actually, we made them together and I also got them back, in one piece! *^_^*)

direct link to video

...but somehow this whole visualization-thing grew into six 50” plasma displays overnight! ^_^ (and I had nothing to do with it! honest!)

the stage with three massive 50” plasma displays on either side:

click to go to the corresponding pic on flickr

Her most famous track, without a doubt, is “I lost my tampon” and some time ago it was downloadable from Platex Records but at this moment, that site seems down somehow. But you can download it now from this very site (with her approval of course! ^_^)

Krause – I lost my tampon (MP3, 7.1MB, 3 minutes 5 seconds 320kbps)

There’s not that much to be found in English on her or her music, but here’s an excerpt from a review:

‘I Lost My Tampon’ is a heavy pounding electroclash track whose rhythm and title invoke associations of Cookiemonster’s ‘I Lost my Cookie in the disco’.
link to this review

And as an added bonus, here you can see an excerpt from her show, where she performs this very song:

direct link to video

So now, this ‘package’ and its contents make sense too, right? ^_^

...and if you really want to know what this looked like, click here
click to enlarge

Now she’s graduated, I can only wish her the best of luck. I truly hope (and believe) she’s got it all to make it into a big star *^_^*. If you, as a reader, want to make sure you have the hippest, most unknown song on your iPod, next time you’re on some party and you want to impress, well, whoever it is you want to impress with ‘your taste in things’, make sure you download this track! *^_^*

Krause weet een strakke interdisciplinaire show neer te zetten (review in dutch)
Krause is een dame om in de gaten te houden. (another review in dutch)

Krause at Mediamatic Museumn8 (a photoset on flickr)
Clash ’06 (a photoset on flickr)
Unterwegs mit Krause (a photoset on flickr)
Rockstar Computer Support (a photoset on flickr)
Krause in Vera (a photoset on flickr)

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  1. maros @ 6 July 2007, 20:18 :

    I thought she lost her virginity ;)

  2. jts @ 8 July 2007, 10:22 :

    Wow, super hot chick! _ Refreshing sounds too! Listened to pleasuretrip and ride that pony, very interesting muscial sound – hope she does well with her muscial career – when’s she doing a calendar?!

  3. BjornW @ 8 July 2007, 16:49 :

    Would be cool if she would put some of her songs on Simuze hint

  4. mark @ 16 July 2007, 14:07 :

    dank voor het compliment!

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