19 September 2006, 02:41 by mark hoekstra

getting ready for Make Fest

I’m hardly back from Redmond, but still…

Today the article I made for BRiGHT got posted there (in Dutch). You could try and see for yourself by the means of Babelfish, but really, my English normally isn’t that bad (or is it? *^_^* )

Any way, next stop: Brussels!

I’m already packing my gear for MAKE’s Make Fest at the EuroOSCON.

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I try to pack as much projects in my bag as possible but no, I’m not gonna bring my encrypted fileserver ^_^

(I can show the torrent-interface from there, now I think of it…)

and no, Bates isn’t coming with me either… *^_^*

The EuroOSCON actually kicked off today (monday) but I won’t be able to make(...) it there before wednesday. Once there I will try to attend as much sessions as I can.

If any of you readers is in the vicinity of the Le PLaze Hotel* in Brussels on wednesday-night, feel free to drop by. It’s gonna be fun! (we can always make some) *^_^*

* a pop-up because it’s browserwindowresizehell…

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  1. Nadya @ 19 September 2006, 13:51 :

    you’re actually bringing your kitchen tablecloth itself? Stylish dude.

  2. markie @ 19 September 2006, 14:28 :

    hahahaha, well, for me it’s ‘geektechnique on tour’ and the table cloth somehow is part of that :D

  3. involutaryhaxor @ 19 September 2006, 21:55 :

    aww, you’re bringing bate’s too?

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