21 September 2006, 16:53 by mark hoekstra

Make Fest Brussels

Last night I attended the Make Fest in Brussels, Belgium, which is part of the EuroOSCON (which just ended btw).

It’s been a blast!

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Looooot’s of attention, great people, perfect environment. :-)

I’ve got to catch a train in a few minutes so I keep this short, pics can be seen on the Flickr photoset.

Somehow last week (Redmond) and now Brussels almost makes me believe I have this geek rockstar life I’m joking about every now and then…

Just look at this stuff!

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...and a rockstar-pic Nadya Peek made :D (to get this straight, this whole rockstar-thing is just a joke, really (but one I enjoy very much…) ;-))

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Any way, I’m aware that this isn’t every day reality but it certainly makes me feel good and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Well, I’m gonna head home now,


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  1. zoidster @ 22 September 2006, 05:28 :

    nice pix dude. i like your cat, mine likes my keyboard, types weird wordz. hate ta bother ya here, but i read your ibook g3 wifi card maneuver & i’m gonna try it, i love tearin into things & riggin. so cool you got all that uploaded too. but i also wanna get the belkin-stick, only i need info on the drivers or getting it to connect on the ibook.

    about a year ago i looked into all this, tried some crap thing, was too hellish, gave up. any thing ya wanna share would be greatly appreciated.
    otherwise, take good care.

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