10 August 2006, 00:11 by mark hoekstra

'man cat' doesn't quite cut it here...

So… somewhere last week, there she was… waiting in front of my balcony door… this little cat…

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I let her in, and well… she hasn’t left since. Yeah well, I let her out a couple of times, also for longer periods of time, but no matter what, she keeps coming back and I hardly have a clue where she comes from. I’ve put a sign up in my street, to ask if people know anything about this little cat, but nothing to this day and that must’ve been a week by now… Well, I started to take care of this little cat, every day a little more and I guess we’ve become friends by now. If no one’s gonna react to any of the signs I’ve been putting up, she’s welcome to stay… *^_^*

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Well… she takes an interest in my ‘serverroom’ and other equipment laying around…

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And euuuhhhmmmm yeah well… she sleeps for 90% of the day… It’s quite a life these cats have… But anyway… reason I post this is…

This little female cat needs a name!

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Now I don’t want it to be too geeky, so no Tux or whatever… Lisa seems nice… but I want you readers to decide with me… Drop any name in the comments and if there are several good ones, I put up a poll…


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  1. Adi @ 10 August 2006, 02:01 :

    Take that sign down, she’s already chosen you as her new mast^H^H^H^Hhuman slave. :)

  2. Ceristimo @ 10 August 2006, 02:15 :

    Yeah, and she also don’t has a collar, so everybody can claim it’s his or her cat. I would do wat Adi says, take the sign down and keep this nice little pet.
    And oh yeah, call her Agna. That means “lamb” in old Latin. Now thát’s a nice name to give to an aninal who is most likely to tear your whole serverroom apart when your out getting some more geeky hardware, now is it? ;)
    And oh yeah, my fearsome little Dobermann has the same name :)

  3. mark @ 10 August 2006, 02:31 :

    lol! oh suuuure… this little cat and I already have agreed… I said to her “this is a good place for you!” and she looked around… when she layed her eyes on my Cisco she just knew she came to the right place *^_^*

    Ah well, I don’t know, the sign is there to make sure I’m not keeping some neighbours cat or such… But like I said, I put her outside several times, but whatever I do… she keeps on coming back… heck, she now walks around here as if she owns the place ^_^

  4. William @ 10 August 2006, 03:24 :

    BABY!!! So cute.
    Lisa is a brilliant name.
    She’s a keeper mark!


  5. Tyler @ 10 August 2006, 05:11 :

    As if Lisa isn’t geeky enough?

  6. Alex @ 10 August 2006, 05:23 :

    What about Cat5 ? :P

  7. Dukester @ 10 August 2006, 10:06 :

    It is almost a reincarnation of my old cat (judging the color patterns), which was called “Mietsie” (i am dutch by the way). But i think that is not an average type of name ;-).

  8. Ben @ 10 August 2006, 11:02 :

    Awww….I was going to say Minix. :) You could call her Min for short!

  9. Wout @ 10 August 2006, 11:22 :

    monstertje? =D

  10. Adi @ 10 August 2006, 11:51 :

    Mark: of course she owns the place now, she’s a cat. :)

    For a proper geeky name, just generate something for her with pwgen! ;)

  11. Lykle @ 10 August 2006, 13:48 :

    ‘someone’ suggested I should suggest the name Annet, but somehow Astor, Hector, Baron van Saukerbaum, Darth, or Vader also seem appropriate… ;-)

  12. mark @ 10 August 2006, 14:47 :

    >‘someone’ suggested I should suggest the name Annet

    now hmmmzz… i wonder who that can be… ^_^

    >Astor, Hector, Baron van Saukerbaum, Darth, or Vader

    the names are nice, but it’s a girl… so maybe Leia? (as long as she doesn’t want a golden bikini ^_^ )

    Naah well, believe it or not, I’m not a big Star Wars-fan, so no SW-names I guess…

    aaah! I found some extra inspiration for a name

    Any way, this is going well… keep those names coming :D

  13. johan @ 10 August 2006, 16:48 :

    i would also call her cat5 …

  14. mark @ 10 August 2006, 18:22 :

    All right… I’ve putten the sign down in my street… ;-)

    And nooo, I’m not gonna call her CAT5, although it made me laugh :D

    I mean, that sounds like Bertha23 to me, or like a cow if you will … so nooo, no CAT5 but keep those names coming!

  15. Ceristimo @ 10 August 2006, 18:33 :

    What about Firiona Vie? Oh now, that’s a gamecharacter and you didn’t want a geeky name…Hmm, how about : Chitty Chitty? :P

  16. dukey @ 10 August 2006, 19:43 :

    Poekie ;-)

  17. Ceristimo @ 11 August 2006, 01:03 :

    Don’t know how you’re gonna pronounce it, but it sure looks cool on her collar! ;)

  18. mark @ 11 August 2006, 01:54 :

    haha, well… she probably will get a collar with that patch. I got a few left anyway… :-)

    Anyway, I got some more info about the whereabouts of this cat. It seems she used to be this guy’s cat, here in my neighbourhood… actually two houses down from mine. Which actually makes sense since our balconies are connected too… So I already was wondering how this cat was able to get on this balcony. I know cats can do extraordinary things, but this is quite a high balcony…

    Anyway, this guy has been quite a problematic guy from what I heard (I don’t know him though, this is what I heard today from one of my neighbours). He seems to have all kinds of psychological problems and at one point even tried to blow up his house… Now, I already noticed there were people moving over there. I’m not sure where this guy is now, but from what I understood he already was going in and out mental hospitals all the time. So, sad enough of course, but I guess this little cat is better off at my place. At least for now, and I guess for a long time to come. I’m not sure if I’m ever gonna meet this guy, but if there’s gonna be a considerable amount of time between now and then I don’t think he can reclaim the cat either… As far as I can tell, he left her on the balcony and moved (there’s quite a chance he was forced to move his house, with this one incident where he tried to blow up his place, there was a lot of police involved, so that one got noticed I guess and even here in Holland, they want to move you out of any neighbourhood in such a case).

    Anyway… lots of info… but that still leaves me with a name… Nika, an artist from NY I’m working together with these days (expect a post about that any time soon, you can check my flickr to see what I’m doing), came with the suggestion ‘psycho’ for a name, but noooo… that’s just not right I guess. Next to that, this cat is perfectly fine as far as I can tell… Buuuuut… after a coffee and a cigarette, we came up with Bates as a name :D:D:D … So… that’s the runner up for today! Bates… (and if you don’t get it… rent the Hitchcock-movie). I guess it makes sense, the cat’s Bates and my place is the Motel :D:D:D

  19. Ceristimo @ 11 August 2006, 02:23 :

    Great, so you got a name? I’ve never seen the movie, what’s it called? Probably “Bates” then.
    Nice yo have a neighbour who wants to blow his place up while you are living two floors up. If the freak blows his place, then you’re going with him. Good to know he moved, so we still see some geektechnique updates ;)

  20. mark @ 11 August 2006, 02:49 :

    >Great, so you got a name?

    well, not quite yet… I’m gonna let it sink in for a day or such…

    >Probably “Bates” then.

    Oh well… no… try googling for ‘Norman Bates’ or ‘Bates Motel’ and then you’ll get this result

    ...and about this guy, he lived two places next to me, not under me luckily. At one point he opened the gastap in his house to fill it completely with gas and then the police came by… that’s all I know…

  21. marcus @ 11 August 2006, 08:40 :

    man bates is awesome…i love those movies…i thought everyone knew about norman…but bates is cool…i was gonna say “apple” to go with the laptop…but hey…

    then that just makes me think about gwenneth paltrow and her kid…did i spell gwenneth right???

  22. Roach @ 11 August 2006, 15:28 :

    Let’s hope for your sake it wasn’t the cat that drove your neighbour mad ;-)

    Anyway, what about calling the cat “hond” (dutch for dog). So in case of gone missing you can ask people if they’ve seen your dog.

    P.s. like your site. Been reading it for quite some time now, first comment BTW.

  23. Tim Barrett @ 11 August 2006, 17:16 :

    We’ve got a cat named ‘Stimpy’ (had a ‘Ren’ once too). I picked that name because if she ever got lost I thought it would be hillarious to see my daughters walking around the neighborhood yelling “STIMPY”. Anyway, I guess ‘iCat’ is out of the question…

  24. George @ 11 August 2006, 19:23 :

    I would call the cat any of the following names:

    – meow – persephone – ada (programming language) :X

  25. Moritz Schollbach @ 11 August 2006, 20:26 :

    The first name I was thinking of when I saw the pics was Findus (like that cat out of the books by Sven Nordqvist – hope you know them) – not geek but fitting

  26. mosquito @ 13 August 2006, 02:21 :

    Lisa FTW ! A very nice girl I know has that name too.

  27. Franco Filiberti @ 13 August 2006, 18:32 :

    Uhmm what about



    Pebbles !

  28. Jon @ 14 August 2006, 01:35 :

    Go for an Amiga name. Something from the chipsets maybe? Paula, Denise, Agnus. Or maybe a song title from the mobos, “Rock Lobster” or “June Bug.” Or, even someof the never produced chips from AAA, Monica, Mary, Andrea, Linda.

  29. Brob @ 15 August 2006, 02:34 :

    She’s nice. I’m about ready to kill the cats in my house. They keep sh*tting everywhere. Not happy.

    I have no idea what I’d call her I like the Amiga names suggestion but I doubt anyone would get those (apart from Agnus). I’d go with Lisa.

  30. Ceristimo @ 15 August 2006, 12:50 :

    And I would definitely go voor Agnus ;)

  31. tinitussi @ 15 August 2006, 18:49 :


  32. goat @ 16 August 2006, 04:28 :

    how about cuecat???

  33. mosquito @ 16 August 2006, 04:56 :

    Mark, stop hesitating, Lisa is perfect! :)

  34. Kevin Lipe @ 16 August 2006, 08:25 :

    I’m going to go with everyone saying Lisa is great. I think it’s just geeky enough but nothing too far out.

    My own cat (well, he’s my girlfriend’s too) doesn’t actually have a name. We never could decide on one so he answers to “kitty,” “B.K.” (short for “baby kitty”), “cat,” and “hey, don’t fart in my face.” Names aren’t really required, since cats refuse to come when you call them anyway :D

  35. Brob @ 20 August 2006, 22:03 :

    plus once they get used to the noise of their names you can say anything as long as it sounds like their name. Try it.

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