19 October 2005, 01:11 by mark hoekstra

getting ready for the Maker Faire...

I just checked if everything I brought to Amsterdam actually works :-)

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...and repaired a friend’s computer while I was at it :d (you don’t want to know how much tools I brought, I can just start repairing about everything I guess)

So, tomorrow, october 19th, there’s the Maker Faire, at the Krasnapolsky Hotel, Volmers Room I-III, 19.30-21.30 be there or be, well, somewhere else…

BTW, I keep updating my EuroOSCON gallery

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  1. ajp @ 19 October 2005, 19:05 :

    Heej mark, ik kan niet aan wezig zijn vanavond moest onverwachts werken en kan om 19:30 niet in a’dam zijn. Sorry! ik had het graag mee willen maken. Ik spreek je als je je weder in het noorden bevind.

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.

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