18 September 2006, 02:44 by mark hoekstra

How to get my attention...

Bates, the little pussycat living with me actually does a pretty good job.

When I got home from Redmond she already had her own way of getting me from sleeping my jetlag off, but now she also dictates me when she thinks I worked enough for the day… *^_^*

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My SUN mousepad is her new favourite place. On that last pic she even managed to minimize all of my windows my leaning on the left mouse button… tssssssss… My mouse is totally useless on my glass desk so her ways are pretty effective really, a little too effective for my taste but well… ^_^

And I can hear you think “working? but we don’t see anything here?!”... Well, that’s right. I’ve written a piece for Bright on what I got to see in Redmond. Buuut… I’ve got a bucketload of content left from that trip so expect a post about that soon too…

This week I’m going to attend (as a maker) the Make Fest in Brussels, which should be a blast.

After that I need some time-machine to actually write down all the content I’ve gathered…

Until then, I hope Bates let’s me work some more *^_^*

Oh, btw, according to plazes, this whole trip to and from Redmond got me this:

that’s purty quick, ain’t it?...

...but first of all, I’m going to attend my dayjob tomorrow and I travel there by bike. Now something tells me I won’t be able to keep up my average travelling speed… *^_^*

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  1. nijne @ 18 September 2006, 02:49 :

    ffing adorable :D

  2. fouldsy @ 18 September 2006, 14:17 :

    My fiance got a kitten a couple of weeks ago that likes to jump around on things and get in your way – not too keen on moving over to the US and having it jumping + rolling all over my MacBook though!

    Least it gives you the “5 minutes break every hour” or whatever!

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