15 September 2006, 03:42 by mark hoekstra

been briefed in Redmond

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Today, I’ve been informed on a lot of stuff at Microsoft hardware... I’m actually in a hurry right now, so more on that later…

I have to attend a party right now… what a life… ;-)

I’ll put Flickr-uploader to work while I’m already gone from my hotelroom…

there’s pics of solderguns in there! and Dremels! and nekkid PCBs! :D

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  1. Eric @ 15 September 2006, 21:21 :

    He Rockstar, i’m in the public Library in Seattle, checking out your site.
    Cu in 010, cheerio, Eric

  2. hinf @ 17 September 2006, 22:20 :

    like your blog. could you please tell me where to find the font you use for the headlines?

  3. markie @ 18 September 2006, 02:49 :

    Ah well, I get that question every once in a while… it’s aquafont… ^_^

  4. markie @ 18 September 2006, 03:05 :

    oh and btw Eric? I’m not sure if you read this, but it’s been a pleasure and we sure will see each other in rotterdam one day ;-) cheers

  5. Eric @ 18 September 2006, 20:22 :

    Hey Rockstar, still hanging around in Seattle, having fun, but the weather doesn’t cooperate.
    Cu in 010 in a few weeks, cheerio,

  6. Lars @ 21 September 2006, 17:38 :

    Hey Mark, what’s up. How are you know? Barcelona’s been awesome! Finally got my bag back too :D

    See ya.


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