7 December 2004, 17:47 by mark hoekstra

Video Projection System

Since I have no real news at the moment… I thought I bore you with yet another set of pictures of my Sony Video Projection System. Every once in a while I decide to try to make the picture a little bit better and this time I did a very thorough attempt :-) I also have been searching for clues of where I could put a RGB-input, somewhere on the prints, but to no avail at the moment… Maybe next time.

like this pic? 1024×768 1280×1024

Anyone familiar with TV-tuners? What kind of output to they normally give? My idea somehow is to find the exact spot where the tuned signal leaves the tuner-part on the prints and goes into the RGB-circuitry and such… Other idea of mine is/was, there’s a Hatch Generator on one of the prints. That’s used for generating a cross for simple adjustments of the tubes… Since that is a clear signal, would it be possible to disconnect the Hatch Generator and put some kind of videosignal on there?

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