1 December 2004, 23:24 by mark hoekstra

Whatever Happened to SGI?

Pretty decent article in Wired, which pretty much sums up of what I think of SGI at the moment. I still love SGI, but as a manufacturer with it has it’s glory days in the past, not in the present (imho).

“Is their beloved platform heading for obsolescence?”

“Mac users may form a cult, but the SGI community is the tech equivalent of the pre-Reformation Moravian church—unknown, tiny and years ahead of its time.”

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  1. brob @ 2 December 2004, 09:26 :

    So do you think it’s still worth picking up an SGI? Did you ever use yours for anything or did you just rip the guts out to put your PC bits in when you got it?

  2. mark @ 2 December 2004, 11:59 :

    Well, this site is still coming from a SGI :-) So, yes, I still use it. I am gonna switch to another webserver, not a SGI, but that’s mainly a funding-problem (and the fact that the Origin 200 I once bought didn’t work out).

    Anyway, I do have plans when this old webserver gets back. I have an old Indy here which I can upgrade to maximum specs with the contents of the webserver. I already have plans what to do with such an Indy, but I keep that a surprise ;-) (nooo! I’m not gonna mod it). About my current case, the contents were a i386-SGI running (ughe ughe) NT(no joke)... So to me it wasn’t as holy as a MIPS-SGI. Next to that, a dual AMD running Linux is in every aspect a better content for such a beautiful case than a dual P3 slot 1 running NT… (it was broke when I got it BTW)

  3. Vincent @ 6 December 2004, 17:25 :

    Ik heb geen e-mail adres van je kunnen vinden dus post ik het hier maar.
    http://forum.fok.nl/topic/636244 misschien wat voor de apple verzameling ;-)

  4. mark @ 6 December 2004, 19:12 :

    Hmmmz… tempting. Vooral die Apple Quicktake is wel okee voor 5 euro haha. Maar ja, m’n telefoon heeft al een megapixelcam :-) Anyway, als het niet alleen ‘afhalen Almere-Buiten’ was geweest had ik ‘m voor die paar euro wel genomen.

    P.S. mijn mail is mark[at] dit domein ;-)

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