Sony KP-5020 PSE

pics are clickable!

Well, I got this beauty a couple of months now and every once in a while I decide to try to calibrate the picture better and also trying to understand the technology involved a little better. I still have some hopes one day I'll be able to put a decent RGB-input on this thing, instead of an antennasignal. Until then there's not much else to do then to maximize the quality of that signal. Still, I'm very happy with what this 20 year old piece of *real* technology is still capable of. I use it as my everyday TV, no joke (try that with your '500 euro lightbulb' plastic LCD-projectors :-))

...and of course... the control panel!

I think somewhere on this panel it should be possible to hook up a decent RGB-signal... if anyone knows who to accomplish such a thing, please drop me a line at mark[at]geektechnique[dot]org

(c) 2004 mark