22 June 2004, 23:06 by mark hoekstra

some updates

Update 1

Hmmmz, in my previous post I did show my weekend-setup, a lot of things work, but still the most important doesn’t… I can’t seem to get a console on my Origin 200, bummer!


...but I did get an extra R10000(thank you Shrek!), so now my non-functioning Origin at least is a dual! :-)


looks better heh? It is my planned new obsolete server for this site, so I really hope I get it going some time soon… (I’m pretty sure it still will behave as a slave-module, but that would mean I get a 4 CPU-monster in the end… Would I mind? naaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Update 2

Well, back to my behaving dual, my workstation :-)... I managed to compile Firefox 0.9! (and I’m compiling Thunderbird 0.7 at the moment I’m writing this… After this it’s OpenOffice and I might have a productive setup for once!)


I simply luv the way linux(gentoo) manages to balance the load over my 2 XP’s, just as it should be!




Update 3

I got myself an extra Playstation2-controller for my DIY-console. (I somehow won a coupon for a local gameshop, so the choice was this controller)


Oeh, they like each other! (the red one is the new one BTW)


And now I’m able to offer a round of StreetFighter whenever I get some visitors… Ain’t I a social guy? :-) (that’s a SNES-emulator BTW)


Oh, and I had some credits left from the coupon, so I bought these posters as well… Haven’t seen the series, but I just liked them(anyone know .hack is any good?)

P.S. Maybe I should make geektechnique ver. 2.0 some sort of photoblog… enter the exciting life of a hardware geek!

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  1. Patrick @ 23 June 2004, 17:58 :

    Zet even een c tussen de x en i van exiting aan het einde van je post… Anders is het wat macaber… :-)

  2. mark @ 23 June 2004, 22:47 :

    Woops! zo had ik het natuurlijk niet bedoeld! (en het is ook geen Freudiaanse verspreking) ;-)

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