20 June 2004, 00:35 by mark hoekstra

Setup for the Weekend

Even though I have my Origin 200 for quite some time now, it hasn’t run properly yet… So after a few months of rest (and things like moving all my stuff to another apartment…), it’s time to get this baby going! In the meantime I have gotten some new information on what possibilities I have left on getting something out of it’s serial port. If everything works out, I already have another CPU laying at the postoffice, which I can pick up coming monday… so, let’s go to work! (the soccer in Portugal is disappointing anyway :-))


Mac to the rescue!

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  1. brob @ 21 June 2004, 03:04 :

    you’ll get a bad neck/back sitting like that.

    I’ve been reading your blog on and off for a year or so now. It’s all good stuff.

    what do you do for a living btw?

  2. mark @ 21 June 2004, 23:49 :

    Oh, thanks for the compliment, that keeps me going ;-)

    Well, it’s still all experimental and I’m having megalomaniacal plans for a geektechnique ver 2.0 :-)

    But the hardware for once isn’t cooperating, there’s no way I get this Origin going, quite a bummer…

    Well, what I do for a living? I’ve got a part-time job, I sell hardware, mostly PC-hardware. It pays the bills, that’s the most important part of course. In the meantime I’m busy with my own stuff as you can see here ;-)

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