26 June 2004, 00:40 by mark hoekstra

100th post!

It’s a fact! this is my 100th post on my obsolete & exotic platform :-) It’s been holding very well. How well? This little server only went down once, when a certain person thought the powersocket could better be used to charge his cellphone… :-) (when I also tell this server is located in someones spare bedroom and the person responsible for this act was a guest, the story gets a little more compehensible). Anyway, that’s been 257 days ago and this little SGI (which cost less than 100 euro in total) has been up ever since, now (b)eat that!


Anyway, I love the stability of this little machine. For static webhosting it still is very competent, but with all the serverside processing needed for nowadays webpages, I’m looking for ways to get some more CPU-power while keep respecting my own rule of wanting to host geektechnique on something exotic (there are just more than enough beige i386-boxes in all the datacenters worldwide, don’t you think?). I sure hope I get my Origin 200, with dual R10000, going but I do need some luck with that… we’ll see ;-)

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