16 June 2004, 00:35 by mark hoekstra

What to do during Euro 2004?

Before anyone thinks I don’t watch the games on TV… Well, I do, but actually I really can’t watch it for 2 times 45 minutes on my couch. So in the background I hear what’s going on and in the meantime I go do something else… ;-)


...like, getting my old LC 475 back online… (yes, that’s a webserver and I still need to compile PHP on it)


Here you have the same closet as where the Mac is standing. I got a 3com dual speed hub 500 for free, which I’m testing and seems to be allright(after fixing an issue with the cooling)


...and then I thought I could go compile Gnome 2.6 for my workstation ;-) (which really doesn’t take that long if it scrolls over your screen like it’s on fire)


...which succeeded!

I guess that I’m going to compile Firefox 0.9 when Holland plays it’s second match :-)

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