2 May 2004, 18:04 by mark hoekstra

On the move!

Hmmmz, well finally it struck me, I started packing my stuff! I’m renting another apartment for a while already and now I need to move my stuff… This is gonna be a process of around two weeks I guess, before everything is moved and most of my stuff is up again… This site is running elsewhere so you can keep visiting me ;-) I paused all my projects for now, it seemed that my projects started to become an excuse for not moving my a** :-) (that includes my latest project, a closed-circuit securitycam for my new apartment)


Why is it, that a box is full when you blink your eyes twice? ...or is it because I simply have too much stuff? ;-)


Yesuree, my big arcadecabinet is coming with me(well, I’m gonna try to move it… it isn’t there yet and it’s a massive piece…)

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