29 April 2004, 01:12 by mark hoekstra

Wrecked Exotics

Well, of course, this doesn’t come as a big surprise, of every supercar sold, a small percentage gets wrecked, just like any other car…

But to actually see the pictures of these wrecked cars does hurt if you’re (even a little bit) a car-enthusiast… Ouch!



this murcielago looks very much like the one I saw last year, and I was still saving for it! (a penny a day)

...it very well could be the same car, compare the numberplate (at least that what’s visible of it) on this pic I made and the picture above…

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  1. Phil F. Jackson @ 26 August 2004, 15:03 :

    Realistic photo!

  2. mark @ 28 August 2004, 21:49 :

    >Realistic photo!

    Well, that’s very well possible, since it is real as far as I know… ;-)

  3. Wisell @ 30 October 2004, 13:11 :

    Something to think about

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