9 May 2004, 13:43 by mark hoekstra


Already getting hyped up about Half-Life 2? Anyway, I do have a copy of the original Half-Life laying around for quite a while (a year or 2 at least) and I originally bought it when I knew I would be offline for a month when I just moved into my current apartment. Well, it seems I’m gonna be offline for a few days very soon, cause I’m about to move… So I came across my Half-Life CD-box and thought ‘well, let’s see if I can get it going on my Gentoo-box’ and luckily I’m not the only person in the world to come up with such an idea, so there’s a pretty straight-forward HOWTO and with the wonderful WINE everything started to work quite soon ;-) It’s not ideal yet, but we’re getting there!





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