7 April 2004, 01:01 by mark hoekstra

dualhead and then some…

Since a couple of days I’ve been quite busy in getting my dualhead-setup the way I wanted… first of all the 2nd monitor I got had the wrong colour. Luckily I was able to switch it with a demo-monitor in the same (outside) colour as the other Iiyama-monitor I already had… And now it seemed like the focus on both was different, good enough for a separate monitor but annoying when you see ‘em next to each other… So, today I thought, what the heck, I’ve seen enough CRTs from the inside, so just open one up and get them exactly the same!

adjusting an iiyama

And now (even when I have this setup quite a while now) I’m really enjoying having a dualhead desktop with 2 exactly the same monitors inside and out :-)


The little screen you can see on the righthandside is another little thingy I bought from an auctionsite yesterday… A tiny 4.5” LCD-monitor which is designed for a PS One, but has a video-in also (I don’t even have a PS One 0_o ) and I use it to display what’s on TV, which I can hear in my livingroom… Marks tiny LCD

Oh, and with this bigass desktop (2560×1024) I started looking for some wallpapers of course and I guess these are simply breathtaking…

Big Desktop Images


...as it seems, a lot of the pictures come from GRIN GReat Images in NASA :-)

Well, then I can make my own big-ass wallpapers from now on, with a ton of images to use :-)


Beware it’s large (2560×1024) and the pop-up could be larger than your screen… use Alt+F4 to close your browserwindow if everything else fails ;-)

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