2 April 2004, 02:32 by mark hoekstra


Sometimes there’s an advantage to be taken from a side you don’t expect… The SGI Origin I picked up a couple of days ago needs some major work and (hopefully) some minor investment before it’s up&running… but I also got 2 extra 4.3GB Seagate Cheetah, 10k rpm, SCA-drives as a bonus when I picked it up(next to the 5(!!!) 9GBs that are already inside it)... And now a couple of days later I thought about putting them inside my Sun Ultra 1(which I have for a while now). I did decide to make that my router already, but I knew I had to replace the 2.1GB SCSI-drive inside it before I put it into ‘production’.

Tonight I only opened the Sun to see what kind of connector is in there (50 or 68-pin), so I could order the right converters, but to my surprise it’s SCA! so I don’t need any converter at all… even better, the disks are already inside and recognized :-) Now this does make one hell of a router heh? ;-)


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  1. John Doe @ 5 April 2004, 21:51 :

    Hi, I have a shitload of Sun and SGI computers in stock, all types, all specs. It is “hot” stuff. Don’t ask how I got it… Interested in buying or distributing to make some (a lot) extra bucks?

    Please keep in touch using this comment form. The Feds and CIA are on my back. Currently I am hiding in a place near Hong Kong, but I am leaving Asia soon… It is becoming too hot here…

  2. mark @ 5 April 2004, 23:13 :

    Well, to my surprise your IP-address( does trace back to HongKong…

    inetnum: –
    netname: HGC
    descr: Hutchison Global Communications
    e-mail: hgcnetwork@hgc.com.hk

    But, anyway, I’m not interested in “hot” stuff… and when the CIA and Feds are on your back and you are hiding, where do you hide all this big iron then, in your suitcase?

    “Please keep in touch using this comment form.”
    I know I don’t have a lot of visitors, but do you think nobody is reading this? :-)

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