9 April 2004, 19:22 by mark hoekstra

Evil Ka

How to market a dull car? Well, I think they do a pretty good job in the UK at the moment with the Ford Sportka… the first clip is the official one (pretty brutal already) and they top it off with a brilliant clip with a cat of which they say is leaked and was never meant for the public (but is mailed and forwarded by millions… pretty effective marketing eh?)


No.1 the ‘official’ clip, aired in the UK

Sportka Pigeon Clip 1MB

No.2 the rumoured ‘leaked’ ad

Sportka Cat Clip 944KB

Anyway, I’m not an animalhater (and the animals in these commercials are, of course, entirely computer generated), but the ingenuity of this type of advertising somehow strikes me.

BTW, I really wonder what they’re doing to www.the-eviltwin.co.uk at the moment… I get a default ‘Under Construction’ from IIS?

Wanna read more? “Decapitated cat video backfires on Ford” telegraph.co.uk (login required)

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  1. Jesi @ 21 April 2004, 07:07 :

    I’d buy one.

  2. Chris @ 26 April 2004, 17:57 :

    Why was this video made in the first place if Ford doesn’t condone animal cruilty or make fun of cruel acts?

  3. nigel @ 30 April 2004, 23:31 :

    Was the car harmed in this video ?

  4. Punkaz @ 11 June 2004, 00:16 :

    I thought the advertisement was funny. It’s just an advert after all.

    And the cat deserved it..climbing on the car!

    Lol. I love cats really, think they are cute. But that ad was funny.

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