5 January 2008, 18:17 by mark hoekstra

on national television!

For people located in The Netherlands, tonight I will be on national television! *^_^*


I made a little excerpt of my few seconds on national television, so here you go, my fifteen seconds of fame! ^_^

direct link to video

In de ban van het ding, January 5th, VPRO Nederland 3, 20:50

A leader of the show, with three of my colleagues from Bright:
(but not with me! ^_^)

direct link to video

In de ban van het ding (which is hard to translate… the closest would be something like “having an obsession with things” and things thereby being gadgets/hardware and such, although it sounds almost the same as ‘In de ban van de ring’ which has been the Dutch title for Tolkien’s book ‘Lord of the Rings’, the movie carried the English title, even here in Holland. Following those rules it would be ‘Lord of things’ but that’s not one hundred percent correct I’m afraid. ^_^)

Anyway, it’s some sort of a real-life documentary about three colleagues of mine of Bright magazine, for whom I also work. They are followed in their everyday life and in today’s episode I’m helping out my colleague David with some iPods. That’s all actually ^_^

The footage for this episode (number three) has been shot quite a while ago and I’m not sure how much of it has made it into the episode. I got a mail yesterday from an acquaintance who spotted me in the leader for today’s episode, which I haven’t seen myself, but I guess at least I’ll be in it!

Ah well, I’ll see how much of *well* me is in it. It’s the first time I’ll be on national television with the stuff I do on this website and such, so even if it’ll be five seconds (I’m being overly optimistic!), I’ll be happy with it.

I’ll drop a link as soon as this episode is available online, for those interested.

Here you go:

uitzendinggemist.nl : In de ban van het ding, episode 3

(click the orange button which says ‘bekijk uitzending’ which means ‘view episode’ to watch it)

or, if that one doesn’t work:

player omroep.nl

It’s only fifteen seconds or such, a few minutes into the episode. Ah well.

P.S. I know I’m pimping this off to the extreme, but you know what? f*ck that! *^_^*

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on national radio!

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  1. Ceristimo @ 6 January 2008, 16:13 :

    It’s more then 15 seconds. Keep watching, you can be seen later on again, when you’re sawing open that Chinese iPod and are comparing the pcb with a real iPod.
    Cool! ;)

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