17 May 2007, 13:59 by mark hoekstra

on national radio!

About three weeks ago I got a visit from Herbert Blankesteijn, a well known journalist overhere in Holland. He was already writing and talking about computers at the time I was eight years old and tried to get a grip on a friend’s C=64. (To give you a clue how long he’s been around…) ^_^

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It’s been a pleasure to be interviewed by him for his show De Elektronische Eeuw and his show airs tonight on BNR Nieuwsradio overhere in Holland.

The (30 minute!) show itself is in Dutch (just like all the links in this post ;-)) and I will post the link to the podcast overhere too, once it’s available. So for those who want to hear me chit-chat in Dutch for a change, this will be your chance! *^_^*


The show just aired! The podcast isn’t up yet, but for *ahem* windows media player users, this link should work… ^_^

The podcast can be found overhere and you can subscribe to it (if you really like it!) overhere

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  1. Bart @ 18 May 2007, 14:50 :

    Leuk intervieuw mark. Alleen jammer dat het maar een half uurtje duurde.

  2. ocke @ 18 May 2007, 22:27 :

    Very nice interview Mark, although it was too short. Was hoping to hear something about your new project, but I guess we’ll have to wait ;-).

    Continue the good work.

  3. Eric @ 24 May 2007, 19:30 :

    leuk interview Mark. Wanneer nu op TV? Groeten, Eric

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.

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