13 January 2008, 13:49 by mark hoekstra

the Indy now scrobbles to last.fm!

Somewhere before the holidays I posted a project on how you can make a netbooting, diskless, MP3 playing Indy. Now the only thing I somehow didn’t think of, was getting this player to submit the track info to last.fm. I’ve been using last.fm for quite a while now, so I was quite eager to get this to work. Next to that, sometimes I like to spent an almost unlimited amount of time to get the tiniest detail fixed. But for people who follow me, that’s no surprise I guess. *^_^*

the setup
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Anyway, after weeks of getting my head around this, I finally found a way of doing this and it works!

My Indy now submits the tracks I’m playing to last.fm! ^_^

You can read all the details overhere:

update: the Indy now scrobbles to last.fm!

we’re submitting track info!
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  1. thomas @ 15 January 2008, 22:18 :

    What bitrate is last.fm’s audio?

  2. markie @ 15 January 2008, 22:26 :

    Oh, I wouldn’t have a clue. I’m not using last.fm’s webradio here. I’m submitting all the titles and such of the MP3s I have in my own collection.

  3. Colonel Panic @ 22 January 2008, 02:41 :


    I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for quite a while now (well, probably about a couple of years actually) and have finally decided to stop lurking and post a comment.

    Have you considered using MPD instead of MPG123 or Xaudio? There are a variety of clients available, including console ones (such as ncmpc and mpc), GUI ones and web-based ones and it’s easy to submit tracks to last.fm using one of the last.fm logging clients. I’m currently using it on a box (well, a laptop with a broken screen actually!) running Debian Etch with Ario and Pitchfork as clients, along with MPDScribble.

    As for it running on IRIX, I did a quick search for IRIX binaries but it didn’t really turn up anything. It doesn’t have too many dependencies though (depending on what format support you want), so compiling it from source shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

  4. Colonel Panic @ 22 January 2008, 02:52 :

    Hmm, it seems that the comment posting thing has removed the links, so here they are as text:

    MPD (Music Player Daemon): http://musicpd.org/
    MPD clients: http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Clients

    After posting my previous comment, I also came across this: http://forums.nekochan.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12223 (and it’s an Indy too!)

  5. mark hoekstra @ 22 January 2008, 20:57 :

    Oh wow, those are some excellent pointers! Thanks, I guess this project isn’t finished quite yet. If I make some progress with this, I again have a reason to point people to way-too-old SGI boxes :-)

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