3 September 2007, 00:27 by mark hoekstra

itanium desk

Well, it’s awfully quiet on my blog lately. I’m working hard behind the scenes though and when I look in my imaginary calendar (really, I don’t use a calendar or agenda. I memorize all my appointments and when times are really busy, I write down a couple on one piece of paper, that’s all…) september promises to be even busier, behind the scenes that is… So, even though I’ve got some fresh content somewhere in the coming days, I thought, in the mean time I blog something that popped back into my mind… and that’s this awesome desk I saw a little while ago:

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chipdesk at evilmadscientist.com
Matt Tovey’s Homemade 2.8-TFLOP CPU Desk at Gizmodo.com

...now somehow I wish that desk was mine, *but*, of course, for that I would need to have access to a couple of hundred(!!!) CPUs on their way to the trashcan and I don’t, but I already have an SGI-mug which would look nice on top of it! (that’s a start, ain’t it?) *^_^*

click to go to the corresponding pic on flickr (ooooold photo…)

It’s too bad the original blogpost is down. I read it partially when it was up and I believe this guy was involved in upgrading a whole bunch of machines to spiffier Itaniums. There were also some pictures on flickr but they’re gone too, so I guess the poor guy wasn’t meant to blog this after all.

Now looking at the remaining picture of his desk with a SGI-mug and keyboard, my guess is these machines were …SGIs and my theory (highly speculative, I know) is that either the company who uses these machines and/or SGI and/or Intel probably insisted in getting these CPUs *in the trashcan* for the whole upgrade to take place for a certain amount of money and make sure there’s not one way these CPUs surface anywhere and now, with this desk hitting the big blogs, someone probably isn’t that amused… It’s a wild guess, but I’ve seen similar things happen before, having to shred perfectly good hardware because of some contract or such.

I truly hope for this guy, if my theory is right, that he doesn’t have to shred his desk. That would be a real pain, wouldn’t it?

If I had almost a million in working CPU chips, I’d be spending my time on eBay, not building a table

...well, he would probably be in more trouble if he really would be selling these CPUs…

Still, I wonder what the real story is…

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  1. Julian @ 4 September 2007, 23:14 :

    Well then write a letter to Intel, IBM or some other manufacturer.. they often shred stuff for various reasons. Maybe they’ll send you a bunh of CPUs that don’t work anyway.. Not that it matters if you only want to build a desk

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