16 January 2007, 00:12 by mark hoekstra

end of an era

That sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Any way, I’m referring once again and now probably for the very last time to my funky seventies tablecloth I’ve been using for quite some time on my kitchen table, which has been visible in a lot of my projects (this one for instance) and which even travelled with me to Brussels to the last Make Fest. (you can find my Flickr-set of the Make Fest here)

a lot of junk on top, but if you look carefully you can see I indeed took my tablecloth with me
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Somehow this cloth became geektechnique at it’s fullest and geektechnique somehow became a little bit of a funky seventies tablecloth I guess… ^_^

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The whole idea once started when I began to put projects online and I didn’t want to watermark all of my pics with a geektechnique text or logo. Pics of projects get ripped and reposted on forums and such. Now, that’s no problem at all, only quite often the reposters seem to totally forget to credit or such and watermarks get cut away… Sooooo… Next to the fact I truly like the tablecloth in all it’s funky glory, it also seemed like a nice idea to have it very visible in almost any of my projects so there’s no discussion on which kitchentable the making of the project took place. Easy does it eh? ^_^

But… last weekend I visited the truly amazing and wonderful Nadya in Amsterdam and with only a small bit of all the talents she possesses, she made me what’s going to become the protection for my powerbook 12” and the fabric we used for this powerbook protection is … the geektechnique tablecloth…

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Now the powerbook itself is going to be modified quite drastically any time soon and this protection will be the perfect accessory for that. I need to do some work to the protection and a lot of work to the powerbook, but you’ll all see that any time soon.

Any way, I guess I now need a new tablecloth for my kitchen! Geez, I guess this is one of those moments in life where you start wondering how you got there. I mean, the current late tablecloth was more or less accidentally given to me, but now I need to go around and shop for something like this… Ah well, I’ll survive ^_^

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  1. Marco @ 16 January 2007, 01:25 :

    “the truly amazing and wonderful Nadya”

    Ahh damnit.

  2. Chris @ 16 January 2007, 08:49 :

    Hey, I’m quite curious Mark, earlier in your blog you mentioned that your ‘Book had some damage that you could fix. Could I ask what was damaged?

  3. markie @ 16 January 2007, 11:52 :

    Well, there’s a little dent on the opening of the combo-drive. I can still put discs in it though, but because of that dent, the keyboard also became a little too tight so two keys (right shift en return) came loose. I need to take the bottom off so I can undo the dent and then I can also place back the keys. But since there’s more I want to do to this PB I’m going to do it all at once.

  4. Freespirit @ 16 January 2007, 13:44 :

    “One minute of silence for the famous tablecloth”

  5. Ceristimo @ 16 January 2007, 13:56 :

    Noooooo! Not the tablecloth!
    Ah well, it will always live on in our hearts and on your Ibook. Good luck searching for another one! :)

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