11 January 2007, 00:02 by mark hoekstra

...and about getting sentimental...

For the previous post I was digging through my pics for that one pic of my ATI 9700 PRO. Now it surprised me that it already had been two years since I got the card, but digging through the pics I also found out it has been two years since I made iNO, the pics were in the same map.

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Well, it all figures I guess, I made that one at a time I had just been watching a Stevenote, where he then introduced the Mac Mini and the iPod shuffle. And somehow, a little while later, my little iNo got a lot of attention. (and I still think it’s a little miracle my wonderful little SGI Challenge S could cope with it all back then!)(I still got that machine btw, also one of those pieces of hardware I can’t imagine I ever get rid of)(but maybe I’ve got a few of those too many *^_^*). Since then, what can I say? Time flies when you’re having fun I guess ^_^

...and yes, yesterday I have been following (and later on watching) the latest Stevenote, but don’t worry, I haven’t got anything up my sleeve this time, so no iNoPhone (as in “I know that you know that I got no money” Phone) or such…

...now wait a minute… let me think about what I just said one more time… I mean, I’ve got six months before the real iPhone will hit the market… hmmmmmz… *^_^*

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  1. max @ 11 January 2007, 18:23 :

    about a possibilites of the iPhone:

    Please check the site above, it’s hungarian and so funny!
    Specially the iPhone shuffle!

  2. Ferret @ 14 January 2007, 17:21 :

    iPhone Shuffle

    The 21st century rotary phone.

  3. Tarmas @ 15 January 2007, 20:51 :


    The 22nd century real old school music player.


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