7 January 2007, 19:00 by mark hoekstra

burning iBook for sale! *^_^*

Decisions have been made, the iBook I have been fixing in such a spectacular way, is now for sale!

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  • 12” iBook G3 700MHz (this one)
  • 384MB of RAM (optional 256MB installed)
  • 20GB disk
  • CD-rom-drive
  • original Airport-card (not even my own low-budget solution, I’m gonna keep that one. If you look around on eBay or such, you’ll see this card alone is worth quite some… I’ve seen ‘m go or over a $100)
  • poweradapter (which has seen better days, but it works)
  • battery is in so-so condition. I haven’t timed it, after charging it says she’ll hold for 2+ hours, but in reality it will be one hour I guess.
  • iShirt (not the original or such, one I’ve been making for Bright, I’ll include a copy of the magazine in which it’s featured, oh and it features a OMGWTF-patch as well!)
  • original CD-set of Mac OS X 10.4.1 included and Mac OS X Panther (10.4.3). Although this machine will happily run Tiger as well. I’m using Tiger on a machine with almost similar specs and this machine has been my main road-warrior for the last two years. (I’ve just, and only just, gotten myself a fairly quicker machine)
  • S-video adapter

about the repair
Well, you have all been able to read how this baby got a repair. It’s been over a week now and the repair holds just fine. Even though I can still not guarantee a thing on it, I’ve been adding shims on top of the videochip so it will stay in place. This is one of the other repair-methods people are doing to this series of iBooks. It’s a precaution I’ve been doing because I’m selling it, to make sure I’ve done everything in extending the life of this iBook. But I repeat, I can not guarantee a thing on it!

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about the sale
I’m selling it here, on my own page, not on eBay or such. I want to make sure people have seen the repair before bidding on it. Next to that, I don’t have a creditcard (it’s a little less common over here to have a CC than in the States, simply put, I don’t want one and as long as I can keep that up, I’m not getting one either.)

I’m located in The Netherlands so a sale within The Netherlands would be preferred. But if you’re very eager to get this iBook, of which the repair at one point hit the frontpage of Digg and of which the video at one point got a #10 spot on the most viewed Science&Technology videos on YouTube, you’re able to do so. Bidding can be done in the comments, in euros or dollars, whatever you prefer, make sure you state the currency you’re bidding in!

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disclaimer and conditions
First, I can not guarantee a thing on this iBook. If I need to ship this iBook, shipping costs are added to the price you have bidded. Money needs to be transferred first to my bank account or paypal before I ship this thing. (hopefully that keeps or Nigerian/Ghanesian friends or whoever from bidding like $1500 on it or such).

Bidding can be done in the comments. Please leave a valid email address in your comment, it is not visible and/or published. If the auction is about to end, I’ll contact the highest bidder by email. If he/she seems to be full of sh*t, I’ll contact the next one, etcetera etcetera… :-) There will be no discussion about who will get it in the end. It’s me who decides that.

Bidding starts at 200 (euros or dollars, whatever you prefer, I’m like the Apple Store… exchange rates? what’s that? *^_^* )

This ‘auction’ will end two weeks from now, so that’s on sunday the 21st of january 18.00 or 6PM CET. If you’re really eager to buy it, the ‘buy it now’ price is set on (weeeellllll, what shall we say?) ... a thousand dollars! (original conditions do apply, so payment up front) *^_^*

happy bidding!

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  1. gmlk @ 7 January 2007, 20:35 :

    Opening bid: 200 euro or dollar ;)

    (Ik woon in de provincie Groningen, ik zou het wellicht kunnen komen ophalen.)

  2. Tyler @ 7 January 2007, 21:43 :

    210 dollars

  3. max @ 7 January 2007, 21:51 :

    does come with iLife?
    280 dollars anyway…

  4. Tyler @ 7 January 2007, 22:59 :

    Let’s see…
    290 dollars.

  5. gmlk @ 8 January 2007, 00:32 :

    291 euro

  6. paul @ 8 January 2007, 10:59 :

    the no exchange rate thing ruins it for us europeans :(

    i mean 290 dollars is like 215 Euro … :S

    well cool auction anyways i’ll think about bidding ^^

  7. markie @ 8 January 2007, 11:17 :

    >the no exchange rate thing ruins it for us europeans :(

    Well, everybody is allowed to bid in dollars, in the end we can still exchange it to euros(and then with an exchangerate). If payed by PayPal you can transfer dollars or euros.

    You know what? Let the bidding be done in dollars, that’s the most convenient all way around I guess.

  8. gmlk @ 8 January 2007, 15:35 :

    :) Whatever you want.

    Given this change in the rules, and only with your permission, I’ll recall my last euro bid.

    My new bid: $ 295

  9. markie @ 8 January 2007, 16:38 :

    Oh yeah, woops, that’s quite a difference. I must’ve missed you were bidding in euros. But well, we’ve got a long time to go still. So… highest bid at this time is $295 dollars. ;-)

  10. Blaster @ 8 January 2007, 20:00 :

    Real funny, the last pic :)
    I like to buy Bates ;)

  11. max @ 8 January 2007, 23:12 :

    300 dollars

  12. Han @ 9 January 2007, 11:38 :

    as a lowly student I could only offer $200, but i’ll bid for Bates!

  13. gmlk @ 9 January 2007, 13:14 :

    $ 310

  14. Sergio @ 10 January 2007, 16:57 :

    Hi everybody!! Let’s see…...
    $ 350!!!!!!!

  15. opensource101 @ 10 January 2007, 22:57 :

    I’ve been reading this blog forever. It’s great to see such a response to such a famous piece of hardware.

  16. Nienke @ 10 January 2007, 23:11 :

    Je doet zeker niet aan student discount he ;_;

  17. involutaryhaxor @ 11 January 2007, 00:24 :

    i have no monies… how about 400 yen? ;)

  18. gmlk @ 14 January 2007, 17:29 :

    US$ 355

  19. max @ 16 January 2007, 14:45 :

    US$ 356

  20. markie @ 21 January 2007, 20:41 :

    right, I’m now closing the comments right here, cause we have a winner! ^_^

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