26 July 2006, 01:22 by mark hoekstra

awesome OMGWTF-patches

The other day, I saw this awesome OMGWTF-patch on Phil Torrone’s photostream on Flickr.

After seeing that patch, I just knew I had to get one of these myself. Phil was kind enough to share where he got them, the info is right there on the pic of the patch on Flickr. Now that’s how I like it!

I contacted Steve Cooley, the artist who made these patches, he’s got a little shop on etsy.com. So for those liking these patches, you can go there and order them!

Anyway, look what I found in the mail yesterday!

click to enlarge

click to go to the corresponding pic on flickr

...the patches! I ordered a whole bunch of them… My guess was, I only order these once, so get a few extra… including a pink one, but not for me *^_^*

click to go to the corresponding pic on flickr

This afternoon I thought I’d surprise my friend Nijne with the pink patch… somehow that one had her name all over it… *^_^*

That pink bag is hers (nooo, I’m not carrying a pink bag! what’s up with you people!?!?)

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...and I just stitched the green with pink one onto my laptopbag… Somehow that one matches my iBook the best I guess… and *NO!* I’m not going to write a how-to on how-to stitch a patch onto a laptopbag… I mean… ask your mother or sister or something or reverse-engineer it yourself! You could learn something there! ^_^

click to go to the corresponding pic on flickr

Anyway, I’m very happy with the patches, so thank you Steve!

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  1. sinred @ 26 July 2006, 08:24 :

    nice :)

  2. Crt @ 27 July 2006, 21:28 :

    Nice….Where do you buy them? in the US I mean, Since I’m in Germany, and yes I am an American….:)

  3. P.C. [PL] @ 27 July 2006, 22:45 :

    Everytime I’m surprised!

  4. mark @ 28 July 2006, 00:15 :

    @ Crt:

    no offence, but I thought I was quite clear I bought them at this little shop on etsy.com

    so if you also want some, buy them there, straight from the artist! ^_^

    @ P.C. :

    Hahaha, that’s how I like it :-)

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