4 April 2006, 23:30 by mark hoekstra

$1500 for an eMate? hahaha! *^_^*

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Yesterday, there was a comment on my “making a $100 laptop for $75! ...sort of…”-project...

am really get motivated on this ur item let me know if still available for sale and aslso the condition of the item get back to me soonest.

— saminash 3 April 2006, 11:49

Quite a strange comment, but whatever, I did get back to him and this is the mailthread:

Mark Hoekstra to saminash
Apr 3 (1 day ago)

Hi Saminash,

Well, it’s not like I put it online for selling it or such, it’s been a proof-of-concept to show it could be done. But what are you looking for? an Apple eMate in general? I’ve got two of those, but aren’t planning on selling anyone of those, but it of course depends on what you’re offering.


-mark hoekstra

jimmy mike to Mark
Apr 3 (1 day ago)

I am fully okay and satisfied with the condition of the item and requiring the payment all i need from you is your full name and address where you want the payment(Your Money) to be posted to because i will be paying you via USPS and after i have forwaded our payment address to USPS then the payment will commence fast and immediately the payment has been approved by USPS a confirmation will be sent to you via email and after the confirmation has been sent to you then the shippment will be arranged via my fedex account by sending you a fedex prepaid slips which i have paid for and there will be no shipping cost for you to pay.So get back to me on time with your full payment address so i can order USPS to arrange payment immediately.I am offering you $1500

Mark Hoekstra to jimmy
12:19 am (21 hours ago)

Hi Jimmy,

Well, I have not mentioned the condition, still you’re satisfied with it, next to that you don’t answer the question if you’re interested in the eMate or the eMate with hand-crank. Next to that, the article you replied to is called “making a $100 laptop for $75! ...sort of…” just to ring a bell what an eMate is worth nowadays…

But okay, it’s your call, but I’m not going into all kinds of payment-address things with forwarding and such, I’m not sending anything before there’s money in my account, if you’re into some scam don’t even bother contacting me again, If you’re serious, you can transfer money to my PayPal if you wish, you can find the button on my frontpage ( http://geektechnique.org , just scroll a little down, on your right hand) or I can send you an invoice through PayPal. I will even give you a $500 discount (that’s 33.3%!). So for a $1000 payed up front, it’s yours.


-mark hoekstra

...now I’ve got a feeling he won’t contact me again… ;-)

I mean, what’s up with these people? Probably googlin’ all day long for laptops… what if his scam would’ve been succesful and I did send him an eMate (with hand-crank!), what would he do with it? Start cranking? Pose around with it? What a bummer we won’t find out…


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  1. Rutger @ 5 April 2006, 11:07 :

    You never know… You might just find yourself getting an “offer you can’t refuse, Mark”

  2. Brob @ 5 April 2006, 19:05 :

    Man you should have strung him along a little longer.

    What a tool. lol

  3. Robert.... @ 6 April 2006, 14:59 :

    Haha geweldig! Dat soort gastjes moet je inderdaad iets langer laten bungelen.

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