23 September 2006, 19:15 by mark hoekstra

Bates' got a mouse(pad) / Elsie-blues

Well, since Bates seems so fond of my SUN-mousepad I’d figure I use this Google pad I just got on EuroOSCON (next to some other Google-schwag)... So now she has her own mousepad and a very tasteful one as well! (my cat’s got a taste for hardware, how appropriate! *^_^*)

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Oh, and Elsie had another hickup last night. Everytime something like that happens I go like “all right, this probably will be something fatal!” but this time it seemed she didn’t like the ADB-keyboard all of a sudden, switching keyboards didn’t work either, so in the end I switched her back to using a serial port as a console input/output and off she goes again… (She ran for quite a while like this before, but not long ago I switched to monitor+ADB-keyboard as a console-input/output… I’m pretty sure she booted on that, but not anymore… hmmmz)

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Let’s see how long this dramaqueen of a webserver (but I love her!) runs before she finds another excuse to get some attention. *^_^*

Elsie (when she feels like it) can be found here

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  1. frequent_visitor @ 6 May 2007, 10:29 :

    Hi Mark,

    Did you take Elsie of line?

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