22 May 2006, 00:22 by mark hoekstra

BarCamp (II) Amsterdam & LED throwies

I’m just back from a weekend in Amsterdam. The bag worked out brilliant and I had a wonderful time.

In the spare time I had, I tried to attend BarCamp (II), which was held in the Post CS building near the Central Station in Amsterdam. In the end, I didn’t spend that much time there, but there was a nice atmosphere to hang out, so whenever there’s a BarCamp (III) in Amsterdam, I’ll be there. *^_^*

The Post CS-building at daylight
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On saturday-night I also spent some hours in the same building, but then on the eleventh floor (or is it the the twelfth floor?)

The Post CS-building at night when it hosts Club 11 at the …
eleventh floor, click to go to my Club 11 pics on Flickr

But, the main reason I came to Amsterdam this weekend was Nerd Alert: Led Throwies. Nerd Alert is the name of a regular in the magazine Bright to which I contribute for a while now. (I contribute to the magazine and the website, the article has been for the magazine. This weekend was for getting content for the website) It was getting time I got my hands dirty on film *^_^*

The best preview can be had when you view the pics my editor in chief, Erwin, made. He just bought a brand new camera, so he’s a little triggerhappy ^_^ (which is a good thing!) (click any of the pics to go to his photoset on Flickr) I made some pics with my phone too, they can be seen overhere.

LED throwies
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a preview of ‘Nerd Alert’ in the magazine.
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The magazine, Bright No. 9, will be in stores (in Holland and Belgium…) coming thursday and when everything works out, there should be something up on bright.nl coming friday. ^_^

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