23 May 2006, 23:03 by mark hoekstra

'new' Indycam connected...

Well, I’ve been quite thorough in how I automated my old Indy to be a webcamserver… but the Indycam itself is… well… euhm… not so good ;-)

Soooo… I just connected another camera to the Indy (it does have an analog video-input)...

It’s quite a beauty as far as cams go I guess…

click to enlarge

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I didn’t have a proper connector to hook it up, so that explains the wires you see…

I bought it around 2 years ago for four (yes, that’s 4!) euro… It’s an old B/W security/CCTV-cam and this is the kind of images it takes:

click to enlarge
original captured image is 768×576 pixels

I’m totally not sure this cam will be more light-sensitive than the Indycam, but my vote is for this one, no matter what, I just like the looks of the thing :-)

Oh, and while I’m testing it, the last uploaded image can be found here.


Wow… even in pitchdark, having only the light of my CRTs it produces an image… it’s a dark pic, but let me tell you, it’s very dark on this side of the camera… I’m quite impressed it even produces an image… this is a camera from 1983, kid you not! (that’s me sipping a coke…)

click to enlarge
original captured image is 768×576 pixels

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  1. Andrew @ 24 May 2006, 19:48 :

    It’s most likely the extra infrared light sensitivity. Most webcams and digital cams these days have optic filters at IR wavelengths so the sensors see more what we see. In a security camera you want to take advantage of “invisible” IR light for night-vision and the like.


  2. markie @ 24 May 2006, 23:06 :

    Well, I thought the capturing of IR was a side-effect of using a CCD (somehow I’ve got some experience in that field :-)

    Anyways, I’ve been testing this with a remote and this is what I’ve got You can see the LEDs lighting up of the remote control so indeed it does capture infrared light.

    But somehow I’m still not sure this is a CCD-camera, I mean, it’s from 1983! and somehow I can’t do a trick like this on any other CCD-cam as it seems… hmmmmmzzzz…

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