20 May 2006, 12:36 by mark hoekstra

The ultimate in geek travel...

Yesterday I travelled to Amsterdam for the weekend. I’m here for a couple of things, doing some stuff for Bright and I’m attending BarCamp II in the spare hours. It’s gonna be fun for sure and for such a geeky weekend, I packed the ultimate in geek bags… (imho)

click to go to the corresponding pic on Flickr

click to go to the corresponding pic on Flickr

I packed one of the bags that used to carry a Mac SE/30 … Those are pretty handy bags, so at another time, when I have to travel less light… I can use both of the bags :-)

UPDATE To make things clear (I got a comment on this today) I haven’t been travelling with the SE/30, just with one of the bags… full of clothes!... I mean, what do people think of me!?!?!? tssssssskkkk ;-)

I’ll be adding pics to the BarCamp II-set on my Flickr-album

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