6 March 2006, 00:51 by mark hoekstra

Gentoo x86_64^2

Well… this took me all weekend… (in between other things)

Getting some other CPUs is nice, I only didn’t think a complete reinstall would be necessary to get them going like they should. But in the end it seems quite logical too, officially I changed the architecture of the machine, which, of course, isn’t a very common thing… It went from i386 to x86_64

So after a few days with my old kernel and install, this weekend was the time to overhaul the system completely.

some totally utterly useless pics… ;-)

...which is one heck of a job, but… in the end it pays off… I’m working on it now for a couple of hours and weeeeeeeee! this thing is flying!

There’s not that much change to my desktop, I already ran Gnome 2.12, but with Gentoo 2006.0 being released only a couple of days ago, with Gnome 2.12.2, there’s one difference… I ran Gnome 2.12 for quite some time already because I installed all kinds of masked packages... so the difference now is, it all works! ;-) And a fresh install (the previous install was one I kept on updating and is dating back to my previous machine I guess… so that must be like two years ago).

...and to top it off… a completely useless video, where I tried to capture the speed this thing is compiling right now… It should put a smile on any geeks face, but you’re not able to see it on the video... So, imagine this pic and then the text is scrolling really really fast… aight? *^_^*

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  1. mike @ 6 March 2006, 01:36 :

    i remember compiling stage 1 gentoo on my celeron laptop this time last year and sure as hell wasn’t going that fast i can tell you!! also what’s the music in the background of the video, sound likes good music to while away the time??

  2. markie @ 6 March 2006, 01:51 :

    Oh, that’s Miles Davis, Birth of Cool ;-)

    (I was busy in a relaxed mood on this…)

  3. thomas @ 8 March 2006, 19:11 :

    How much do you estimate your setup cost? (the two CPUs and the Mobo)

  4. Ferret Simpson @ 9 March 2006, 12:50 :

    Gentoo? Gnome?



  5. markie @ 9 March 2006, 19:36 :

    >How much do you estimate your setup cost? (the two CPUs and the Mobo)

    Well, normally I don’t speak much about the prices I pay, but in a comment I don’t mind I guess ;-)

    Motherboard 240 euro
    CPU’s 230 euro
    Memory 200 euro (4×512)
    2x SCSI U320 15K disks 200 euro (incl. cable)
    SCSI-Raidcontroller 25 euro
    Case 75 euro
    Videocard (way back) 80 euro

    Not all prices are realistic streetprices, I know, but that’s how I sometimes get my stuff, the SCSI-RAID controller was part of a much bigger deal and was thrown in for 25 euro, on it’s own it should’ve cost much more… The disks were new when I bought them but were part of a set of hardware which was bought by someone but he needed SCA-disks in the end and these disks couldn’t be returned.. They should’ve cost much more too… But well, I’m not complaining, that’s how I buy my hardware. As long as it’s not stolen or anything I like to scorch and find my stuff this way, it’s part of the fun for me…

  6. involutaryhaxor @ 11 September 2006, 23:02 :

    >Gentoo? Gnome?



    Yeah, there is one problem with his setup, there’s no ubuntu, the rest is fine

  7. markie @ 12 September 2006, 01:44 :

    >Yeah, there is one problem with his setup, there’s no ubuntu, the rest is fine

    You call that a problem?

    Imho the problem is the linux-users themselves who, in the eyes of anybody else, fight over each other for which distribution is the leetest. I really don’t give an *** about what somebody else is using, but if it’s Open Source you win some credit points :D

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