12 March 2006, 18:02 by mark hoekstra

geez... that's been a week without updates...

Oh dear… maybe I’m getting a little too busy lately *^-^*

Well, last wednesday I traveled to Rotterdam to attend the first Pecha Kucha night over there.

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I put a couple of pics online on my Flickr-album, but I really need to upgrade to Flickr Pro anytime soon. To be able to put more pics online, I used my own gallery, so check that one out, if you want to see lots of pics ;-)

After that, I had some wonderful days in Amsterdam (here & here)
and I came back late fridaynight. *^-^*

Now I have a very busy week coming up this week, of course, one reason is the upcoming Pecha Kucha overhere in Groningen. I’m totally delighted we (that’s Nieuwe Garde) are able to organize this in Groningen… I can’t wait :-) (for people looking to attend this Pecha Kucha, check out this)

Anyways I’m not sure how much updates I can post this week… But I’m enjoying myself! :-) (that’s important to know, right? ;-)) and of course, expect photo-updates somewhere after coming thursday…

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  1. Ferret Simpson @ 16 March 2006, 00:30 :

    Completely unrelated. . to anything. . But apart from the openBSD shirt, what other geekwear do you own?

    Come on, Open up your wardrobe to the world and show us your darkest secrets.

  2. nijne @ 16 March 2006, 18:16 :

    hahah yeah mark! reveal your geek-clothes! ;)
    (• still happy about the choice mark and i made about my appearance ;)•)

  3. markie @ 17 March 2006, 13:51 :

    eeeeuuuuuuhhhh? ;-)

    Well… I’ve got a couple of OpenBSD-shirts, and some ‘promotional’ clothing I sometimes get from manufacturers or such.

    Most of my ‘geek clothing’ is the stuff I bought at WhatTheHack last year…

    Anyways, I’m in for sponsored clothing! ;-) And/or we need geektechnique-wear!

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