2 March 2006, 23:07 by nijne

Pecha Kucha in Groningen

Nieuwe Garde is organizing a pecha kucha night in our hometown Groningen!
the 16th of march :D

For everyone who doesn’t know what a Pecha Kucha night is: The Japanese term ‘Pecha Kucha’ roughly translates as ‘chit-chat.’ Around twelve participants get to show 20 slides for 20 seconds each, meaning the audience experiences an exhilarating range of speakers and images over the course of the evening. There’s also music, drinking and the inevitable exchange of ideas that occurs when you get so many creative people together in the same room.

i designed the flyer for this event so i thought i’d just flaunt it a bit ;)

so looking forward to it!
so if you’re in the neighbourhood be sure to check out the the nieuwe garde website
and the flyers for more info
but yeah, feel free to drop by and shake our hands there ;)

be sure to keep an eye on the pingmag website aswell :D

cheers :)

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