23 February 2006, 02:12 by mark hoekstra

making a $100 laptop for $75! ...sort of...

For an article in Bright I made this hand-crankable eMate, as some sort of tribute (if you like) to the $100 laptop.

click the image to go to the projectpage

You can read about what I did on my projectpage

I promised myself that this eMate will be my last hand-crank project for now… Somehow I don’t wanna become this hand-cranking-everything-one-trick-pony… ;-) Next to that, I’ve got lots and lots of stuff waiting to become a project and none of that has anything to do with hand-cranking or such, so you can expect different projects as well…

it’s featured on MAKE:blog *^_^*

you can comment on the projectpage btw…

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