23 February 2006, 02:43 by mark hoekstra

Japan to ban resale of used electronics

2nd hand electronics sales will soon be illegal in Japan

As of April 2006, it will be illegal to sell used electronics that are 5 years old or older in Japan.

Bizarre… It would mean I wouldn’t be able to buy or sell almost anything I like… geez…

that is of course, if I would live in Japan, which, as a matter of fact, I don’t…

picture of me moving my stuff, seemed fitting somehow…


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  1. the unknown lurker @ 25 February 2006, 23:23 :

    No need to go to Japan, madness is right around the corner. In Germany since 2003 computer games are required to have a seal (so-called FSK-approval, has been around for some time, but not mandatory till then) stating the minimum age the buyer must have. “no seal” is equivalent to “18+” and imposes severe restrictions on the sale of such software, e.g. no more mail-order. Now imagine what that means in regard to software from before 1994 when the FSK-seal was introduced… trading Atari VCS cartridges is like trading porn! D’oh!

  2. markie @ 26 February 2006, 00:59 :

    ‘trading Atari VCS cartridges is like trading porn! D’oh!’

    hmmmz… this could become an interesting business-model… (just a thought, not something i’d wanna do…) ;-)

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