29 January 2006, 17:06 by nijne

no rest for the bored...

i know i blogged about the amiga emulator before,
but say you’re feeling lazy and/or bored and you’re not willing to install an emulator whatsoever…
then i’ve found the perfect website for you!
at game-oldies.com

you can play any sega, nes, amiga or arcade game without having to install anything

perfect for the lazy sunday afternoons :D

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  1. Goran @ 31 January 2006, 14:54 :

    Thanks nijne, cool link. For those who are not too lazy or scared to run emus I have here one of my favourite MAME roms. It’s a namco made masterpiece from 1993. Similar to pac man but much more addictive. It’s very kawaii and called Tinkle Pit. Enjoy!


  2. nijne @ 31 January 2006, 20:33 :

    thnx! :D

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