29 January 2006, 14:43 by mark hoekstra

the bitter*girls

This is a nice follow-up to the previous post I guess…

I came across this (japanese) page last night and it’s this hard to explain surrealness which kept me on this page for quite some time…

It seems a combination of pictures of scalemodels and real-life pictures. Very striking, but don’t ask me how or what cause I can’t explain anything about it to you*... :-)

* read a little further, since these aren’t scalemodels at all!

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the bitter*girls (quite a heavy flash-interface, if you somehow have trouble viewing it, try one of the next links)

the bitter*girls as a blog…

the bitter*girls mini some photos blogged on blogspot to get an idea…

Oh! it seems that it’s ‘still photography of real places, using tilt shift lenses (in motion pictures, we use swing-and-tilt lenses, which are essentially the same thing), made to look like models.’ Wow… I would’ve sworn that these are models… geez… amazing…


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  1. nemo @ 29 January 2006, 23:09 :

    here’s another example of tilt-shift photography, which is pretty amazing!

  2. Jim @ 30 January 2006, 23:14 :

    The images are bizarrely compelling. Some googling to find out what about tilt-shift revealed this howto hack together a DIY tilt-shift lens.

  3. sybian @ 17 February 2006, 21:13 :

    here’s some information about the technique! really great, where is my old analog camara?

  4. Lutes @ 8 March 2006, 11:58 :

    This is just my theory to “fake” the fake miniture look in photoshop for FREE (relatively) using the distort tool and a gradient blur. Taking a 3 point perspective and converting it into 1. Some of the photographs could be duplicated by digitally de-spherizing a fisheye lens photo. See the link to my test photo. studentpages.scad.edu/~blutes20/process_deperspective.jpg

  5. Mac @ 8 August 2007, 12:05 :

    Some photoshop ‘faked’ shots here too http://www.kasei.co.uk/Toytown%20Japan.htm

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