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iNoPhone. A guided tour.

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In true geek technique minimalist iNo fashion, I finished the complete iNoPhone collection. In total there are now three models to choose from:

* iNoPhone nada
* iNoPhone
* iNoPhone maxi

Let's have a tour, shall we? ^_^

iNoPhone nada

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The iNoPhone nada is the latest addition to geek technique's iNoPhone range, it's the cheapest and the most power-friendly (unlimited standby time!) iNoPhone yet. It is also the purest of the breed and it'll do whatever your imagination allows it to do. It's the iNoPhone for the true minimalist. If there truly would be a Jesus Phone, well, I'm pretty sure this would be it. I mean, why would Jesus of all people spend $499 on a phone? I mean, Jesus was a minimalist, wasn't he?

With the iNoPhone nada you can make unlimited phonecalls with your friends*.
*If they happen to be of the non-imaginary kind, make sure they're in the same room for best results.

You don't have to worry about software compatibility on the iNoPhone nada, the iNoPhone nada comes with no tech specs whatsoever. Because of this, there's also no SDK and/or the possibility of 3rd party applications on the iNoPhone nada, but who needs 3rd party apps when you've got an iNoPhone nada?

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P2P ringtones

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A feature exclusively for the iNoPhone nada is the capability of peer-to-peer ringtones. Here's how it works. If you, the owner of a iNoPhone nada, listen to a new ringtone on an iNoPhone nada of a friend of yours, automagically your iNoPhone nada will feature the same ringtone too!

A demo:

The lady on the left has some old school ringtones on her iNoPhone nada and after only hearing it once, a few seconds later, the same ringtone is on the iNoPhone nada of the lady on the right too!

direct link to video

If your name is Jesus If you happen to have no money and you're looking for a phone, don't look any further than the iNoPhone nada:

don't laugh! (picture taken two seconds after this one ^_^)
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There's nothing that can beat an iNoPhone nada!

"aaah, so I see, you've got a new phone!"
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The original iNoPhone has been featured before on this page:

iNoPhone combines two products – a former Apple mouse and a bluetooth headset into one small and lightweight handheld device. iNoPhone uses a proven user interface based on one button, letting you control your calls with just one finger. So it ushers in an era of sophistication never before seen in a bluetooth device, completely redefining what you can do with your current phone.

* OneButton Call Management
* Breakthrough Bluetooth Device
* Proven iNo Technology

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and a small demo:

On the right you see a friend's phone, already calling my phone (the Nokia in the middle), but I pick it up and lay it down with the iNoPhone...

direct link to this video on youtube
my ringtone can be found here

All the info about the original iNoPhone can be found here.

And then, last but not least:

iNoPhone maxi

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The iNoPhone maxi already has been featured in Bright magazine and DAG newspaper. (link to image here or link to the article in DAG (shift-click! or the window will resize) overhere)).

Here's what it actually is. As a base there's a MSI Mega player 516 BT, which is actually a MP3-player which can play from Secure Digital cards (in this one there's a 2GB card), features an OLED-display (128x64 pixels), a FM-radio, recording capabilities and it's a stereo bluetooth headset for your current phone! I bought one from a wholesale for near to nothing, I believe this was a product that sold very badly. So, what's wrong with it? Well... for starters, the headphone jack is 2.5mm instead of 3.5mm and the earpieces you get with the device are ...well, ugly. So, I decided that the device at least needs some 3.5mm jacks so I can use some normal headphones. But, there's no space in the device itself where I could put those 3.5mm jacks. In the end I decided to make this the top-of-the-line iNoPhone, a bluetooth headset for your current phone and a MP3-player!

on the left, all the parts that make an iNoPhone maxi and on the right, the slightly altered iPod headphones (with a microphone from a SGI Indy ^_^)
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The back end of the iNoPhone maxi ... (with two 'normal' jacks, so a normal 3.5mm microphone and headphones can be connected)

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Because the MSI player featured three buttons up front , I had to move those to the back and in the end ...the battery couldn't be fitted anywhere, so I put that on the back too... (blue is for bluetooth, black is for FM-radio and red is on/off and play/pause (for power on/off you need to hold the button for a couple of seconds))

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The front, with semitranslucent display (which is actually made from a static bag... *^_^*). You're actually allowed to multi-touch the screen! (it just won't do anything...)

And here you have them all, the complete iNoPhone collection:

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earlier on this site:
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thanks go out to Hanneke and Gabriël (the lovely ladies in the video) of Platform GRAS. Gabriël and I work together in organizing Pecha Kucha Nights in Groningen *^_^*

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