3 October 2006, 01:36 by mark hoekstra

minimalistic no-cost iBook sleeve...

UPDATE Now the new MacBook Air is being presented in an envelope too, this old ‘project’ all of a sudden seems to make more sense ^_^

Somehow DIY laptopsleeves seems to be the latest trend. First there was the iShirt which I thought was so nice, I also made one myself…

the original iShirt

I must admit it’s quite some work.

here’s the one I made…

my iShirt, click to enlarge

Now there also is the ‘trousersleeve’ or whatever you wanna call it, which is extremely nice, but still, a lot of work…

If you want to spend (hardly) no money and do no effort at all in making something, I’ve got the solution for you!

the NOcost iBook sleeve…

One thing that you can notice in all of these solutions is the fact they all seem to use a 12” powerbook or iBook… And mine is no different either (although my iBook is a little different), so it’s for 12” iBooks/PBs only… or you should go out and do some envelope-engineering yourself…

Any way, it can’t get any simpler than this…

Buy a bubble envelope at the nearest post-office or look around at your workplace if you really want to go NOcost™ or you could even use a used one (which is a nice idea)...

Make sure you get an envelope with bubbles otherwise it’s not much of a protection eh?

Mine is a Air Kraft bag-in-bag #18, which has dimensions on the inside of 270 millimeter by 360 millimeter, which responds to something like 10.6” x 14.2”

do I really need to post instructions?

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

fit the iBook in the envelope…

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

and you’re set!

click to enlarge

a Mac in an envelope?

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  1. nijne @ 3 October 2006, 02:03 :

    lol :D

    easy does it ey?! :O

  2. Rob Sayers @ 3 October 2006, 02:29 :

    Perfect! I just picked up a Macbook and have been looking for a cheap sleave idea, this is great.

  3. Cekala [pl] @ 3 October 2006, 08:50 :

    ...and it’s ipod-style (white color, simple design). Perfect!

  4. headsign @ 3 October 2006, 09:52 :

    I’ve used such an A4 envelope for about 4 years now as a sleeve for my powerbook Titanium. I didn’t think it could be a topic for my favourite Blogs ;)


  5. radrob @ 3 October 2006, 09:56 :

    ..whaaa! perfect geektechnique stuff..
    you can even print personalized softbubble bags

  6. Franco Filiberti @ 4 October 2006, 04:30 :

    THAT IS SOOOOOOOOO GEEKY!!!! and soooooooo sexy!

  7. Eric @ 7 October 2006, 14:02 :

    Hey Rockstar, nice sleeve!
    Back to work, cu in 010, Cheerio,

  8. Kari @ 29 September 2007, 05:45 :

    i suppose you could put a return address and stamps incase you left it somewhere in the hope some ‘honest’ person found it too.

  9. o wow @ 26 May 2008, 07:44 :

    that is so ghetto

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