30 June 2005, 23:53 by mark hoekstra

...modding the CoolerMaster E3W-NPTXS-04

I hardly put everything together or I already took everything apart again and decided I would mod the monster-coolers I have :-) (on the tweakers.net-forum this is called the G_M_C-mod :-) ).

The 2 Xeons 2.4/533’s (SL73L) on my new motherboard (Asus NCCH-DL)

The parts… CoolerMaster E3W-NPTXS-04’s, some switchwire and 2 80mm CoolerMaster casefans (I did some matching…)

It’s actually quite simple… stripping the wire and putting it through the cooler…

Re-applying some silver-compound…

And something I tried out for the first time… spreading the compund with a plastic card…

Everything assembled again…

An arty pic… :-)

And everything back into the case…

This is after a reboot after quite some load… looking good… :-)



  1. Rutger @ 1 July 2005, 00:19 :

    so no passive cooling for you?>

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