29 June 2005, 01:08 by mark hoekstra

another dual Xeon...

After having waited quite some time my hardware arrived!

An Asus NCCH-DL motherboard, 2 Coolermaster 3U Passive Heatsink Coolers, 2×512MB ECC Crucial PC3200 RAM and I already had the 2×2.4 Xeons (533FSB, SL73L). So, time to build this into my modded SGI-case!

First some fitting and getting an idea how all should fit and such…

And here I assembled the Xeons&Coolers on the motherboard… time to put it inside my case

This was an unexpected problem, but needed to be fixed. The backside heatsink of my old ti4200-videocard got in the way of one of the heatsinks on the motherboard… After an unscientific approach of fitting and such, I finally came up with this… It ain’t straight but it fits and works (and the videocard is the first thing to get an upgrade…)

Well, with everything working and such, it’s time to replace the casebadges! ;-)

Tada! dual Xeon casebadges! :-)

...and the case is closed! At the moment I have a Knoppix-CD in there. First thing to do is install Gentoo on this baby… First upgrades to this workstation will be the videocard and/or 2 SCSI U320-disks instead of the 80GB IDE-drive in there now. I already have an Intel SRCU42L SCSI RAID-adapter laying around for that…

...to be continued…



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